Soap as a Poem

The Sun Basin is a remote valley cradled in the mountains of Missoula, MT. Wind catches words, moments, and memories, sweeps them into the sky, and settles them gently into the basin, allowing us to gather them up as inspiration and present them to Botanie, our local soap making partners. Botanie then distills the memories, mixes them in small batches with gorgeous natural ingredients, and turns out bars of soap and shampoo that are good for your hair and your soul.

All Natural Ingredients

Our soaps are made with all natural oils and butters, and scented with essentials oil and other plant extracts.

Eco Friendly

Ditch the bottles all of Sun Basin's products come in biodegradable packaging.

100% of Profit to Charity

All of our store's profits go towards Partners in Health to tackle medical access and injustice at its root.
Sun Basin Soap bars and circular shampoo bars rest on top of each other with cherry blossoms in the background.

The Sun Basin Soap Bundle

You are not limited by a single definition, a single adjective. The Navigator can dream of far off places. The Forager can blaze a trail. The Enigma may revel in dewdrops, and the Trailblazer can pause to admire a single, perfect bloom. You contain multitudes. Pick and choose your soaps to reflect the tapestry of yourself.
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Limited Edition 3-Pack

There is no better way to bath in the summer days than with our uplifting trio of new soaps. All three of our soaps are a perfect balance of layered scents, and sumptuous butters that tease the mind while leaving your skin supple and smooth. Try them out.
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Sun Basin Soap

Sun Basin Soap

Four different squares of different ingredients that make up the Bloom Shampoo Bar.

Good for You and Good for the Planet

We partner with Botanie, a family run business out of Missoula, Montana, to bring you luxurious handcrafted soap. Botanie uses all natural ingredients that leave you feeling nurtured, fresh, and ready to take on the day.