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Awesome Socks Club
Get a unique pair of awesome socks delivered every month! Each pair will be a surprise, designed by a different independent artist. Choose from ankle or crew socks, available in three different sizes!

Sun Basin Soap
Incredible soap delivered at your own pace. Made in Montana, using only natural ingredients. Build your own box with five different scents to choose from!

Awesome Coffee Club
Awesome coffee sources the best beans from small farmers and co-ops in Colombia. Available in light, medium/dark roasts and decaf!

A bag of Awesome Coffee Club Octavia beans next to a colorful pair of Awesome Socks next to bars of soap from Sun Basin Soap.

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You’re gonna have to buy this stuff anyway. We found the best of the best – we love love love the stuff we make and we send it right to your door on a regular schedule.

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Subscription services are obsessed with what we call “churn” the rate at which people cancel subscriptions. A company can lower churn by making their customers happy, or by making it hard to cancel. We only ever do the first.

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What Our Customers Say


My family is a bunch of coffee snobs but every month we eagerly await for the Awesome Coffee. Easily some of the best coffee I've ever had. Enjoyed best (for me) with a podcast and sunrise.


Awesome Coffee Subscriber


My skin is very sensitive to many of the common ingredients in soaps and body washes. Even high quality soap like Dr. Bronners can irritate my skin. But Sun Basin is different. It's like i've finally used soap for the first time in my life.


Sun Basin Soap Subscriber


Nothing brings me more joy in life then opening my silly little Awesome Socks Club package every month.


Awesome Socks Subscriber


The coffee is excellent! As a former barista I have tasted lots of coffee and I think you nailed it with a blend that anyone could enjoy! It's not *too* anything, it just tastes like a good cup of coffee.


Awesome Coffee Subscriber