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Awesome Coffee Bundle

Awesome Coffee Bundle

How It Works

  • Select the number of bags, roast, and grind you want
  • Buy 2-5 bags and receive 10% off, buy 6+ bags and receive 15% off
  • Subscribe for an additional 12% off your bundle price

100% of profits go to charity

Awesome Coffee Bundle


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Drink a lot of coffee? Want to switch up your roasts, or add caffeinated and decaf? Mix, match, and build your own coffee bundle and subscribe for added savings.

How it works: Choose the number of bags, roast, and grind you want.

  • Buy two to five bags and receive 10% off
  • Buy six or more bags and receive 15% off
  • Subscribe for an additional 12% off your bundle price

When you sign up for your subscription, choose your delivery schedule. Receive as many or as few bags of coffee as you'd like every two, four, or six weeks. Pick any combination of roasts, and ground or whole bean you would like, and click "Subscribe and Save". You can change the bags and frequency at any time, so there is no pressure.

Pricing starts at $25 per 12oz bag. Savings stack from there. Buy more to save more and subscribe for the best price. Only 12 oz bags are eligible for bundle savings.

12 oz Bag - Arabica Coffee - Whole Bean or Ground

The ground coffee has a medium-coarse grind that works best with filter and immersion brewing like automatic brewers, pourovers (like the V60), french press, etc.

Whole bean coffee gives you the choice to grind your coffee the way you want! Can be used with immersion brewing like automatic brewers, pourovers (like the V60), french press, espresso, etc.

Only available in the US and Canada

Billing: You will be billed on the day you sign up for a subscription at the frequency you choose. Cancel at any time for any reason.

Shipping: Your order will ship out within 3-5 business days of your bill date. Free shipping on all subscription orders. Non-subscription orders will be charged $5.95 for domestic and $7.95 for international orders. We do not ship coffee outside of the US or Canada.

Tax is not included.

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Why This Product

The Coffee Bundle

One roast of coffee every month? Absolutely not. Our bundle option gives you the opportunity to try all the roasts you want at a fraction of the price. Simply select the coffee's you would like and check out. They'll be delivered to your door at your chosen frequency, and you can change your order at any time.

Where it Comes From

Salgar, Colombia

Coffee can be a dirty industry. From low standards of labor practices, to environmental damage, this is a luxury that we should look at with a critical eye. Knowing this, we needed to make sure that the Awesome Coffee Club was working with ethically sourced ingredients. That is where Sucafina and the Green Coffee Company came in. Sucafina put us in touch with small farmers cooperatives and the larger Green Coffee Company to make sure that we are sourcing the highest quality beans from farms that take care of their workers and the environment. Consume consciously.

Where the Money is Going

Great Coffee for a Good Cause

The founding goal of the Good Store is to make amazing products that donate to a good cause. One hundred percent of the profits from The Awesome Coffee Club go towards building the Maternal Center of Excellence in Sierra Leone. We are committed to raising money not only for the construction of the hospital, but also to fund comprehensive training and staffing to tackle medical injustice at its root.