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Early Access to Tea

Good Store is here to pioneer a better way to get better products. We do this work with a little help from our friends in the Good Store community. This summer we have a limited release of our newest collection – loose leaf tea. Be among our earliest taste testers as we prepare for the full launch of Keats & Co this fall.

Sourced from Eco-friendly Farms

We work with farms partnering with local wildlife preservation and reforestation groups in their regions.

Expertly Blended Tea

The team at Lake Missoula Tea Company are master blenders with years of experience and deep connections within the tea industry.

100% of Profit Charity

All profit from Keats & Co goes to supporting a brand new Partners in Health Program to increase access to tuberculosis treatment.
Several green and white tea packaging bags featuring an illustrated Nightingale logo and red floral accents are arranged to display the front and back labels. The bags contain loose leaf tea blends from Keats & Co. The front labels show the tea variety names, while the back labels provide additional product details and brewing instructions. A Good Store product.

Keats & Co Tea Bundle

One type of tea every month? Absolutely not. Our bundle option gives you the opportunity to try all the blends you want at a fraction of the price. Mix and match from our six blends to create your perfect bundle.
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A metal loose-leaf tea strainer is laid on its side with  tea leaves spilling out. The handles of the strainer have a Dot engraving and "Keats & Co". A Good Store product.

Tea Strainer

Tea strainers are the unsung hero in every loose leaf tea drinkers' collection, which is why we made one that is high quality and versatile enough to fit most mugs and teapots.
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Keats & Co

Keats & Co

Keats & Co

In 1821, the poet John Keats passed away from tuberculosis. Two centuries later, one billion more have died from the disease despite advances in treatment and understanding. Tuberculosis is preventable, yet one million people per year still perish from it because of the cost of screening, medication, and care. Those are numbers we will not accept, which is why 100% of the profits from Keats & Co will fund tuberculosis testing and treatment.

So pour yourself a cup of our tea. Read some Keats. Take a deep breath. And as you exhale, know that someone is breathing alongside you with lungs unburdened – because with a small purchase, you are part of something Good.