Hank & John Green

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Hank & John Green

These NYT best selling authors and vertical video sensations are ready to take the next logical step: Stopping medical injustice at the root.

Hank & John Green know how to make big things happen.

In 2019, Hank and John Green were at a crossroads. They were in the first wave of professional Youtubers, founded Complexly, an educational video studio, wrote multiple bestselling novels, and founded DFTBA, a merchandising company made by creators for creators, but they were feeling unfulfilled. Both of them agreed that making more money didn’t motivate them, but then they had an idea, what if they gave it all to charity? 

100% Profit to Charity

Enter Good Store: A place where you can get every-day products to make every day extraordinary–and donate to charity while you’re at it. To date this little project from Hank and John has helped fund more than $8 Million in donations to Partners in Health, and we’re just getting started.

Do Some Good

Forget perfect. Be awesome. Do good.

There is a whole lot of injustice in this world and looking it in the face is overwhelming. This is why Good Store is trying to make it a little easier to do good with small acts that add up. By purchasing products that you need every day from the Good Store, you make it possible for us to channel that money into the causes that need it most.

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Watch the videos below to learn more about each of our product lines, and thank you for choosing Good Store.

The Awesome Socks Club

The OG subscription that got this party started.
Wear Awesome Socks

The Awesome Coffee Club

High quality coffee brought to you with care.
Drink Great Coffee

Sun Basin Soap

Luxurious soap with intriguing scents.
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