Our Mission Statement

We believe that the things you love and need can enrich not just your life but also our shared world. We’re searching the world for the best versions of the stuff you need–from socks designed by independent artists to coffee grown in sustainably-operated farms in Colombia to soap made right in our hometown of Missoula, Montana. Our products are truly exceptional. Ultimately, we’re so much more interested in impact (on our world and our customers) that our founders decided to give away 100% of after-tax profit. Hank and John Green have been making stuff for people for a long time, but after working with their community and organizations like Partners in Health to help people who need the most help, they found themselves more energized by that work than by profit. 

When people first started asking Paul Newman for his legendary salad dressings, people wanted him to start a business, but he wasn’t energized by it until he famously proposed, “Let’s give it all away!” We’re inspired by that message and by the Good Store community, to make lives better every step of the way. 

Welcome to Good Store, and thanks for subscribing to a better world.