Better Practices Means Better Beans

Good practices mean better beans, which means that our roasts brew the best cup of coffee that money can buy. From Colombia to St. Louis to Missoula, every step of our process handled with care for people, the enviroment, and the artistry behind the coffee.

Ethically Sourced Coffee

We partner with Sucafina to source directly from farmers and collectives in Salgar, Colombia.

High Quality Beans

We guarantee higher-than-market prices for farmers, meaning that we get the best beans of every harvest, which means consistently delicious brews for you.

100% of Profit to Charity

All of our store's profits go towards Partners in Health to tackle medical access and injustice at its root.
An orange paper bag filled with bags of Awesome Coffee Club Coffee with a bag of Paradoxa in front and a cup of coffee beans. A Good Store product.

The Coffee Bundle

Can't choose? Mix and match your coffee order to your preference. Customize your coffee order with this bundle so everyone in your house can sip the coffee they want. The more you buy, the more you save.
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Octavia - Medium/Dark Roast

The Octavia roast is our crowd pleaser. From novice to expert, this rich roast is sure to become a staple on your shelf. Brew it hot or cold, grind it coarse or fine, we guarantee this coffee will brew a solid cup that elevates your day to day with quiet luxury. Try it out.
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Awesome Coffee Club

The Best in the Business

We work with a sourcing partner, Sucafina, to find the best beans. They are experts in the coffee industry and work to establish sustainable and ethical supply chains for their international partners. Not only do they make sure that the farmers are getting the best deals possible for their beans, they also work with local partners to provide community resources, education, and training so that farmers are able to produce the best coffee possible for fair prices.