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Hank's Cancer Socks

Hank's Cancer Socks

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Chemo is bad for your brain.

But internet creator and author Hank Green figured out that, while he was getting cancer treatment, he could somehow still design socks!

Every one of these socks was thoughtfully designed to be both very chill and very fun. They are high quality, comfy, cozy socks with knitted-in (not printed) designs. Also, 100% of the profit is going to help people get access to cancer treatment. 

You can get your socks in one of three flavors!

Morning Socks Box - Four pairs of socks themed with pastel pink and blue hues of a sunrise. 

Evening Socks Box - Four pairs of socks curated around bold evening oranges and rich nighttime blues.

All Eight - Just get 'em all!!

Our socks are 37% cotton, 34% nylon, 26% polyester, and 3% lycra.

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