Raisa Álava

My name is Raisa Álava, she/her. I do bold drawings that are lavishly embellished with figures, objects and patterns that overlap, clash and unite on the page.

What themes do you like to work with in your own art?
I love any theme to draw.

Do you have favorite mediums to work in?
Simple materials, like an ink pen and a good paper.

If you were an environmental storytelling skeleton, how do you think you'd be found?
Probably asking a family of owls their story.
What drew you to the imagery of comics for the sock?
I love shocks and it was challenging to design one pair, to see an illustration on something wearable it's always exciting.

Can you talk a little about your design process? Where do you draw your inspiration from, and how do you work shop your design from draft to final? 
I almost always take inspiration from comics and the ideas come quickly to me. It was funny for me to imagine one person trapped in a shoe while sending you positive messages.

Do you have a favorite feature of the sock design? 
I love all parts.

Ankle or crew socks for preference? 
Always crew! More design to show.
For more of Raisa's art, visit her portfolio or check out her Instagram!