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Same Awesome Socks, New Small Sizes


What Makes Them Awesome

-A surprise pair of socks in your mailbox every month

-Designed by independent artists

-High quality and comfortable

-100% profit to charity


Don't just trust us!

40k+ Customers Love the Club

My kids love the socks!

We look forward to seeing what kind of socks are going to arrive next. The kids and I love them!

Janice Q.

So Far, So Rad

My kids fight over who gets to wear my cool socks first. I love the quality and the fun artwork. Really recommend... it's worth it.

Matthew A

Quirky and Durable

My family gets excited every time the Awesome Socks envelope arrives in the mail. We have had our subscription three years now, passing from family member to family member. I was the first, and I wear my socks frequently and happily, and they have held up well all this time. My teen currently gets them and shows them off to friends each month. We love these socks!

Jessica A C

I mean, they're awesome!

I've been an Awesome Socks customer for years now, and they're truly one of the greatest parts of my month. The socks are really plush and high-quality, and my most worn pair has only just begun to become thin from wear after like two years. I feel like the designs are just getting cuter and cuter too! Also, of course, the cause is great and it's a wonderful way to donate and make a change in the world.

Luc B


I'm obsessed with these socks-- they're comfy cozy and have super fun colorful designs! I get excited each month when they show up at the door, and I wear them the next day. They are always my go-to socks! Plus, the money is going towards a great cause!

Anna O

Great stuff doing great things!

My grown kids are forced to remember me at least once a month. They get cool socks. Have you seen the results we're already having on maternal and infant health in Sierra Leon?!?! I love being allowed to be a part of this.

Lawrence B

Monthly Joy!

I absolutely love Awesome Socks Club! I look forward to it every month and the designs are always so unique. They're great socks for a great cause. It's my guilt free monthly splurge. Cannot recommend enough!

Sara G

Funky and Fabulous Sassy Socks

My wonderful socks subscription is one of the things I appreciate the most every month. I'm glad I decided to take a look at this club. Bravo to the brothers Green and Co. I love socks with sassy designs and ya just can't do better than a cause that does 100% good. That's just... Awesome.

Sarah L

Best Online Store

This is my favorite subscription. Every now and then I skip a month or so of socks. I love how each pair lifts up artists! I love seeing a little surprise in my mailbox, there is something special about not quite knowing what is in the package that I am about to open. It never fails to make me smile!

Nicole T

Great gift!

I ordered a subscription for my partner and I, it has been such a great experience. We get excited every month for our socks to come, and we enjoy having matching socks. We will joke that “one of us needs to change!” If we wear them at the same time. I highly recommend this as a birthday or Holiday gift, because it is a gift that keeps on giving!

Julianna W

How it Works:

Join the Club

Bundle socks for you whole family and save! Sign up today to get shipped your first pairs of socks.

Get Mail

After that you will get new mystery socks designed by independent artist delivered to your door monthly.

Rock Your Socks

Now you can all match in style. Get ready to be admired as the family with the fun, funky socks!


100% Profit to Charity

The founding goal of the Awesome Socks Club was to support building the Maternal Center of Excellence in Sierra Leone, a hospital tackling medical injustice at its root. Since 2020 we’ve donated $8+ million dollars through Partners in Health for the construction of the hospital and comprehensive training and staffing.

Do Some Good

Questions About the Subscription?

What sock styles are available?

For kids, we offer a crew (mid-calf) style in two sizes - S/M and M/L.

For adults we offer both ankle cut and crew (mid-calf) ranging in size from S/M to L/XL.

What sock size do I need?

S/M fits US shoe sizes: Women’s 6.5 - 9 / Men’s 4.5 - 8

M/L fits US shoe sizes: Women's 9 - 12.5 / Men's 8 - 12

L/XL fits US shoe sizes: Women's 12.5-15 / Men's 12-14.5

KIDS S/M fits US kids shoe sizes: 4-7

KIDS M/L fits US kids shoe sizes: 7-10

Can I buy more than one subscription?

Of course! You can now sign up for a socks bundle for your whole family and save. Just select the sizes and styles you want and add to your cart to start getting matching socks.

Save 10% when you bundle 2-5 pairs and 15% when you bundle 6-12.

What are the socks made of?

Our socks are 37% cotton, 34% nylon, 26% polyester, and 3% lycra.

Where are the socks manufactured?

We work with a company called Pacific Manufacturing that has offices in San Diego and Haining, which is a city in China that is known for higher-quality textile manufacturing.

For more information, read our full FAQs here.

Can I see the sock designs before they are shipped?

Well...that would spoil the surprise! If you keep your eyes on our social media, sometimes you might catch glimpses...

That said, if you'd like to get an idea for the kinds of sock designs we've had in the past, you can check out Past Designs here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! Cancel at any time with no fees and no strings attached. 

Can I skip a month?

Absolutely. You can skip an order in your customer portal. Alternatively, you can choose to gift the month to a friend!

Is shipping free?

Yes! All of our subscriptions ship for free.