About the Socks

How do I best take care of my socks?

Machine wash warm, hang them dry. Because stretchy synthetic fibers like lycra can be degraded by heat over time, your socks will keep the same stretch longer if you don’t dry them in a dryer. But, if we’re being honest, most of us dry them in the dryer and it seems to turn out fine. 

Don’t iron them, you only have one life to live and you don’t need to be spending time ironing socks.

How are the socks manufactured?

We work with a company called Pacific Manufacturing that has offices in San Diego and Haining, which is a city in China that is known for higher-quality textile manufacturing. It is very likely, for example, that you have worn a facemask produced in Haining in the last couple years.

I wear shoe size __, what size socks do I need?

S/M fits women’s US shoe sizes 6.5 - 9 and men’s US shoe sizes 4.5 - 8.
M/L fits women’s US shoe sizes 9.5 - 14 and men’s US shoe sizes 8 - 12.5.

You can find a size chart on the product page to see the foot and cuff lengths for each size.

Are there other sock styles available?

We now offer two sock styles! Ankle cut and mid-calf. Please see the product page for more details on each style.

If you already have a subscription and would like to swap your socks to receive the ankle-cut socks, beginning in January 2023, check out our "How to Guide for Changing Sock Style in My Subscription" here!

Is my subscription tax-deductible? 

Nope, we’re not a charity, we sell socks! We just donate all our profits to charity. 

If you’re interested in making a tax-deductible donation (or a monthly recurring donation) to Partners in Health you can do that at https://pih.org/hankandjohn

What are the socks made of?

Our socks are 37% cotton, 34% nylon, 26% polyester, and 3% lycra.

How do you ensure workers are being treated well?

Pacific Manufacturing regularly tours factory floors and has two main requirements for the factories they work with. The first is compliance with the BCSI Code of Conduct which preserves the right of collective bargaining, bans child labor, and ensures a safe workplace as well as grievance mechanisms for workers (among a bunch of other stuff.) 

The second is that the factory must not have more than 5% employee turnover. A higher turnover rate is a sign that workers are not being treated well resulting in many of them quitting, whereas lower turnover is a sign that employees’ expectations for a good workplace are being met. 

What if my shoe size isn’t listed in the sock sizes listed? 

We don’t have smaller or larger sock sizes than these currently available but we’re working with our suppliers in hopes of being able to offer more sizes in the future. 

How much of my Awesome Socks subscription is donated to charity?

This number isn’t static because our costs change from month to month and from subscriber to subscriber. We pay more for shipping for some people than others, for example. And, of course, we want to make sure that the people working hard to get you your socks are treated well. 

What we can say is that 100% of our profits are donated, and in our first year, we will have donated over $900,000 to help strengthen healthcare systems in impoverished communities. Thus far, we have focused on building a teaching hospital for maternal health in Sierra Leone where rates of maternal and child mortality are very high.