Subscription Details

I am already subscribed, but want to switch to a different coffee you offer. How can I do that?

If you already receive Awesome Coffee and want to switch your subscription to a different roast or to decaf, check out our step-by-step How to Swap guide here!

How long will I be subscribed?

The Awesome Coffee Club subscription will continue until you choose to cancel it. You’ll receive a billing reminder a few days before you are charged, and an order confirmation when your order is successfully processed.

Is my subscription tax-deductible?

Nope, we’re not a charity, we sell coffee! We just donate all our profits to charity. If you’re interested in making a tax-deductible donation (or a monthly recurring donation) to Partners in Health you can do that at

When will my orders be shipped? When will I receive my coffee?

Your first order will ship within 5-7 business days after you sign up for your subscription. All following orders will be processed and ship from our warehouse within 3-5 business days after the charge is processed. Orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive once they’re shipped.

Can I change the billing date?

If you signed up on or after July 12th, 2022, you can login to manage your subscription and choose a new billing date.
If you signed up before July 12th, 2022, please contact and let us know your preferred billing date.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! Cancel anytime with no fees and no strings. New subscription sign-ups are only open if we have enough coffee available though, so you will not be able to re-subscribe if we are at a maximum of active subscriptions.

You can cancel your subscription anytime within your customer portal. Please note, canceling your subscription will not cancel any recent orders that have already been processed but not yet shipped.

Contact us at if you need help canceling your subscription or finding your customer portal.

Can I skip an order?

Yes, you can skip your upcoming order from your customer portal.

If you signed up on or after July 12th, 2022, you will see the option to skip an order either from the main page of your subscription details.

If you signed up before July 12th, you can skip an upcoming order from the "Delivery Schedule" tab in your portal. You can also contact if you need additional assistance.

Can I change my address/payment/account information?

If it is for a future order that has not yet been processed, you can view your account and make any changes on your own in your customer portal, or email us at for assistance.

If you need to update the address for an order that has already been processed, please email the new address to as soon as possible to let us know so we can update that in our shipping system. Once an order ships, we’re not able to update the address on the shipping label.

Why was my subscription canceled?

If a payment fails, our system will attempt to charge your card on file a few times up to one week after the initial attempt until a successful payment is processed. If the final payment attempt fails, the subscription will be cancelled and you'll receive an email letting you know your subscription was cancelled. To reactivate your subscription, update your billing information and our system will process a new order for you.

If an order was undeliverable and returned to our warehouse, we'll reach out to the email address on file to confirm your address. If we don't hear back from you, then we will cancel your subscription to prevent you from being charged for future orders that cannot be delivered.

If you have any trouble, or the new order is still not processing, reach out to and we can help!

I need to update my shipping address!

From your customer portal (either accessing from a direct link to your portal, or logging in on the Awesome Coffee Club site), click “Manage Subscription” under the “Account” section, then select “Subscriptions” from the top menu. There will be an option to update your shipping address there.

For those of you who signed up on or after July 12, 2022: you'll see an edit icon next to your current shipping address on your Subscription Details page, and you can update it from there.

Please note that updating your account address will not automatically change the address for any orders that have already been processed and not yet shipped. If you need an address updated for a recently processed order, email as soon as possible with your new shipping address and order number. We are not able to update shipping labels for orders that have already shipped.

**Please note that updating your default address within your account will not update the shipping address for your subscription orders. You must edit the shipping address from the Manage Subscriptions > Subscriptions pathway for your address to update successfully.

I need to update by billing information.

If you signed up before July 12th, 2022 and have registered your ACC account, you can log in to your subscription portal to update your shipping address. Once you are logged in, click “Manage Subscription” under the “Account” section, then select “Billing Information” from the top menu. You can then click the “Payment Method” section to update your card on file.

If you signed up on or after July 12th, 2022 - you can log in to your customer portal and click the "Update Payment Method". You'll then receive an email with a link to update your payment method for future orders.

I can't log into my account/I have a subscription, but the site says I have no account!

If you signed up before July 12th, 2022 and have not yet registered for an account, check your inbox for an account invite from the Awesome Coffee Club. Sometimes these emails end up in spam/junk folders!

If you did not receive that email or if you’re having any trouble logging in to your existing account, email us at We can send a new account invitation or a password reset message so that you can set up a password and log in.

For anyone who signed up on or after July 12th, 2022, you can access your account by clicking "Manage Subscriptions" on the log-in page, and enter your email address to receive a magic link to access your account directly. You'll then receive an email with a one-time login link to access your account directly. The link is only valid for up to an hour, so if it expires before you can use it, you can request another from the login page. 

We recommend using a computer, and not a mobile device, to log in to your account - particularly when updating your shipping and billing information.