Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is all of this?

The Awesome Coffee Club is a subscription service that delivers freshly roasted coffee to the mailing address of your choice on a monthly basis. On that front, it is not a particularly radical idea. But the Awesome Coffee Club is different.

How is it different?

First, because we are committed to ensuring that the people who work to grow, pick, roast, package, and deliver your coffee are compensated fairly and that your coffee is produced without furthering deforestation. You can learn more about how we source high-quality Colombian coffee directly from farmer collectives here.

Second, because 100% of the profits generated by the Awesome Coffee Club go to support efforts to reduce maternal and child mortality in impoverished communities. This means all of our post-tax profit goes to supporting charities that invest in community healthworkers, stronger healthcare systems, and healthcare access for the poor and marginalized.

And finally, because the coffee is really good.

Can I subscribe if I live outside the US and Canada?

Unfortunately we cannot currently ship Awesome Coffee outside the U.S and Canada. Two of the good things about Awesome Coffee are 1. that it's fresh, which decreases as you ship it further, and 2. that it raises money for charity, which also decreases as you ship it further. So for now at least we are unable to ship internationally, but we will let you know if this changes!

Are taxes included in the cost of my subscription?

Taxes are not included. If you live in a location that charges sales tax on items like coffee, you'll see tax charged for your subscription in addition to the subscription price.

How much is shipping?

FREE - The price of shipping is included in the Awesome Coffee Club subscription!

How long will I be subscribed?

The Awesome Coffee Club subscription will charge on a monthly basis until you choose to cancel it. You'll receive a billing reminder each month, a few days before you are charged, and an order confirmation when your order is successfully processed.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! Cancel anytime with no fees and no strings. You will be able to cancel your subscription within your customer portal, which will be emailed to you after your purchase. Please note, canceling your subscription will not cancel any recent orders that have already been processed. Contact us at hello@dftba.com if you need help canceling your subscription or finding your customer portal.

How's the coffee?


Octavia is the original medium-dark roast coffee we launched the Awesome Coffee Club with. If you are accustomed to drinking specialty coffee, Octavia a dark roast; if you are more accustomed to Large Nameless Coffee Brand, it is closer to a medium or medium-dark roast.

Here are the tasting notes the roasting geniuses at First Crack report, "Chocolate is front-and-center, specifically a mildly dark chocolate. The coffee is roasty but not burnt or acrid. There's some non-fruit sweetness, too."


We've recently added this beautiful, light roast coffee to our offerings from the Awesome Coffee Club. The beans used for Calpyso are the same Arabica beans used for Octavia, sourced from the Cadefihuila region of Colombia. The light roast method gives a subtly different flavor profile to this coffee, which First Crack Coffee describes with "flavor notes of baked apple, chocolate, and brown sugar."


Paradoxa is the decaf option newly launched for the Awesome Coffee Club. Paradoxa is a balanced medium-dark roast of Arabica beans. It is sweet with slightly fruity notes of cherry and cocoa.

How much coffee does each bag make?

Each 12 ounce bag of Awesome Coffee makes around 22 cups of delicious coffee. 5 pound bags can make up to 147 awesome cups.

Can I buy more than one bag per month?

Yes, this is not only allowed but encouraged. If your household, like mine, consumes more than 22 cups of coffee per month, you can get more than one bag per month!

I am already subscribed, but want to switch to a different coffee you offer. How can I do that?

If you already receive Awesome Coffee and want to switch your subscription to a different roast or to decaf, check out our step-by-step How to Swap guide here!