Awesome in More Ways Than One

Everyone needs socks. But why settle for a solid color or gym sock when you can wear unique artistic creations on your feet? Whether they're a pop of color under a somber suit, or the anchor to your hot mess express grocery run, these socks are high quality, versatile, and just plain fun. And did we mention that 100% of profits go to charity?

Supports Independent Artists

Every month features a new design from a new independent artist.

High Quality and Comfortable

Our socks aren't only pretty to look at. Their construction is soft and durable, so they'll be good to wear for years to come.

100% of Profit to Charity

All our store's profits go towards Partners in Health to tackle medical access and injustice at its root.

Awesome Socks Club Subscription

Join the club. Do you need a pick me up every month? A small suprise to look forward to? Do all of your socks have holes? If you answered yes to these questions, the Awesome Socks Club may be for you. Join our thousands of subscribers and discover why they can't get enough of these socks.
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Two kids surrounded by markers in front of a large red star, looking at each other and smiling while wearing Awesome Socks. Text on the photo reads "New! Kids socks for back to school". A Good Store product.

Awesome Socks for Kids

Awesome Socks Club is launching socks for kids. If the kids in your life are always stealing your awesome socks out of the laundry, your family’s got to match, or you just want to get your kiddo an awesome surprise every month, these socks are for you. Available in two sizes.
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Awesome Socks Club

Happy Feet and a Better World

You're going to need to buy socks; you might as well do it in a way that brings a little joy to your doorstep every month while supporting independent artists and donating 100% of profit to charity.